Rev. Dr. C. William (Will) Mercer is the Immediate Past President of Divine Science Federation International and co-ministers the United Divine Freedom Church of the Healing Christ with his wife, Rev. Sédare Coradin-Mercer, in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood. Will also is a retired New York and Colorado attorney and is a highly regarded public speaker and adult educator.

Will’s exposure to New Thought dates to age twelve when his Aunt Ruth Carr gifted him a subscription to Unity’s “Daily Word.”  Although New Thought material “rained” on Will for many years he remained remarkably dry, as he describes it.  Finally, at age fifty-four, a convergence of events caused a spiritual awakening and a period of non-stop “epiphination” that led him to seek ordination in New Thought.  His specific interest in Divine Science stems from the inspiration provided by Aunt Ruth, who achieved Divine Science ordination at the age of 87.

Will’s love for history is lifelong and plays a central role in his ministry.  He recently completed two important books on the history of New Thought’s oldest denomination, Divine Science, and the life and works of Malinda Elliott Cramer:  PRESENT AT THE BEGINNING (2014) and THE CHRISTOLOGY CONNECTION (2015). 

In COURAGE, CONVICTION AND CONSCIOUSNESS, Will focuses his attention on the larger population of unique women that stood at the forefront of New Thought at its beginning as well as those who contributed to the growth and expansion of the movement’s reach and impact worldwide up through the present day.  All are now transitioned and the Timeless Truth of their lessons and other writings resonates with us in New Thought today. All are recognized, acknowledged, thanked and loved for their fine stewardship of our teachings and for the love of God that we see through them.


Dr. Will is available for speaking engagements, book signings and workshops designed to share and expand upon the spiritual and historic content of his studies in New Thought and Divine Science.  For further information, please contact Will at CWillMercer@gmail.com or call 646-753-2959.  All inquiries will be graciously acknowledged.